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Our Impact

Since 1994, LifeBridge AmeriCorps has successfully created positive change for thousands of vulnerable and economically disadvantaged individuals in more than twenty counties across West Virginia. The LifeBridge AmeriCorps program seeks to improve the healthy futures of our children, improve financial stability, and improve the quality of life of veterans and military families. Through the service of 50 national service members and an average of 1,400 leveraged volunteers, LifeBridge AmeriCorps members provide immediate and long-term benefits by expanding individual opportunity, building family stability, and creating more sustainable communities. LifeBridge AmeriCorps members enhance services nonprofits provide to communities through education, opioid prevention, mentoring, teaching life skills and financial education, creating opportunity for unemployed and underemployed individuals, and helping distressed families meet basic needs for food, clothing, shelter, and emotional care.

2020 Sept. 11 Community Service Project Christian Help (Morgantown,  WV) ....jpeg

Service Projects

LifeBridge members have the opportunity to complete projects outside of their normal duties.  These projects give the members the opportunity to interact with other members, individuals in their communities, and make a larger impact in their communities.

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